Dermaviz skin, hair and nails formula combination of 20+ Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that Make Healthy Hair, Nail Growth, And good for overall Skin. Helps to provide antioxidant protection against free radicals.


Product Information

Actviz Brand  Dermaviz is skin, hair and nails formula. Dermaviz is an advanced nutritional supplement combining a number of key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. to support healthy hair, nail growth and hydrating skin appearance.

It is an ideal choice for both women and men of all ages. It helps to nourish and protect hair, skin, and nails from the inside to stimulate enhanced growth, strength, and healthy appearance.

​Dermaviz is Suitable for Hair fall / Hair Loss, Thin and weak hair, Brittle nails, Dry and patched skin, Wrinkles & loose aging skin.


For adults both men and women. Take 1-2 Tablets daily as a dietary supplement with water preferably after the meal.

·       FAQ

How to take it?

Take 1-2 Tablets daily as a food supplement with water. preferably before the meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed from daily recommended dose.

Who can take it?


Why do people take Actviz DermaViz?

Actviz DermaViz is a food supplement with a powerful antioxidant. DermaViz contains 20 plus Vitamin & nutrients, which are essential for Skin, Nails and Hairs. Support general well-being by providing support to a healthy skin & immune system.

Is Actviz DermaViz a prescription medicine?

No, it’s not a medicine. Actviz DermaViz is a combination key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and is a food supplements. Can be use without doctor’s recommendations.

Can I use it with other medicines?

Usually, food supplements are safe to use.

In how much time I will start getting results?

You will start getting results within 1-2 months’ use. Results may vary from person to person according to your body mechanisms. so it would be better to continue until you get your desired results.

Is there any side effect of Actviz DermaViz?

No side effects have been reported yet, for DermaViz . Kindly do not exceed from the recommended daily dose.

Is it safe for pregnant or lactating women?

Yes, its is safe and can be use during pregnancy.

Where can I buy Actviz DermaViz?

Actviz DermaViz is available at all leading pharmacies in Pakistan. You can also get home delivery by placing an order online.

Is it registered?

Our all products are DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) enlisted and manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). We ensure that our all products are manufacturing under high standards of potency, purity, and have good efficacy.

·       Our Quality

When you choose Actviz, you are choosing quality you can rely on.

Actviz Pharma customer make our trust to built on our efforts to create and formulate high quality products. and to manufacture with same consistent quality standards.

With a proven track record of high quality products for many years. The high standards and quality pledge are evident in all Actviz products. from the initial idea to the finished product, from technological development to state-of-the-art production.

Safeguarding a high level of product quality and regulatory compliance is a fundamental objective of Actviz and its operations. In line with its strategic importance and priority. The Quality Assurance (QA) function focusing on design, implementation and maintenance of state of the art QA systems. In doing so, we take on the dedication of healthcare providers to treat their patients in the best possible way.

We apply high quality and compliance standards to all our products and our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Our People in quality assurance, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and facility management are all required to meet standards for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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Pack Size

30 Tablets




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